Wireless Stepper Motor Control Using RF Communication

Wireless Stepper Motor Control Using RF Communication project explains about developing a RF based wireless application through which users can control stepper motor remotely. Stepper motors are used in electronics, mechanical, chemical industries for different purposes one among them it is mostly used in robotic applications where stepper motor need to be controlled remotely. In this paper we will cover design and development feature of the wireless stepper motor system.

IR transmitter will collect switching signals at the receiver side and transmit to the receiver side. IR receiver will collect and send to micro controller by decoding the signal. Micro controller will take decision to control motor speed.


Remote controlled

Simple operation

Less Power Consumption. 

Scopes for Advancements:

  • Range can be increased using high power RF transmitter and receiver.
download  Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication  Project .

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