WhatsApp can be used even without internet

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and popular messaging apps in the world, offering you all kinds of features from chatting to calling. All the features of this platform usually work with the help of internet connection. But sometimes it happens that your phone does not have internet. In such a situation it becomes impossible to use WhatsApp. Today we are going to learn about one such WhatsApp trick, with the help of which you will be able to use WhatsApp without internet. Let’s find out what this trick is and how it works.

Now you must be thinking how you can use WhatsApp without internet. Its process is very simple and you will not need any third party app. With the help of this trick we can use WhatsApp officially without internet.

WhatsApp is easy to use without internet and its alternative is given by WhatsApp itself. In fact, with the help of multi-device support, once connected, you can use WhatsApp Web on your desktop, laptop or tablet even without internet on your phone. You can send and receive messages on WhatsApp Web even when the phone does not have Internet access. To use this feature i.e. to use WhatsApp without internet you need to select the multi-device beta option.


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