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Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP has no security issues in earlier days. Now that VOIP is gaining void acceptance and becoming one of the main stream communication technologies. Now a day’s security issues have become a major issue. This type of system is called POTS (plain old telephone system).

Identity and Service Theft:

                 Security issues can be solved by using Phreaking (Kind of Hacking) technique. This gathers the information from a service provider. As SIP (Session initiation protocol) encryption technique is not so common that controls the authentication of VOIP. So, the clients trusted data are subjected to theft.

Eavesdropping is a most common technique used by hackers to steal the data. In this technique the intruder acquires phone numbers, names and passwords allowing them to service theft.

Stealing credentials is used to make calls without paying for it and also get business data by using the identity theft.

An intruder can change the packages and plans or make calls using the authenticated users account. The intruder can also access the personal information like voicemails, call forwarding numbers and also can change the user profile.

VOIP Phishing is another technique were a third party person calling you on a fake id (eg: friend) and requesting you for the credentials and often critical information. It is also known as Vishing.


  • DOS
  • SPIT


          Denial of service is an attack on network of systems. It attacks by consuming band width of the network or simply overloading a network.

In VOIP the attacks can be carried out with call signaling messages which degrades the services which ultimately results in premature call drops and halts the call dropping.

Reverse attack can get remote access to the administrative functionalities of a system.


          It is also known as spamming over Internet Telephony. Actually spamming means sending mails to people against their will. It is not so common in VOIP yet.

Every account in VOIP has a unique IP address using this spammer’s send their voice mails. As a result voice mails will be blocked. The spams may contain viruses or worms along with them.

Call tampering:

          It is a type of attack where a tampering of phone call progress is involved. Example the quality of a call can be spoiled by injecting noise packets in the communication data stream. Intruder can also delay the delivery of packets.so that communication can become spotty.

Man-in-the-middle attacks:

          In this type of attack the intruder intersect the call signals of SIP messages and masquerades as the calling party to the called party.

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