Voice Over Internet Protocol Final Year Project

The digital revolution forced the people to find means for digital communication this led to the emergence of Internet Protocol (IP) based data networks which differ in many ways. The introduction of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) has made it possible to use the IP networks for all the telephonic calls.


In the late 2003 or the early 2004 the VOIP services over broadband services was introduced. However the technology found its place only in the year 2009, when many corporate services started using VOIP for long distance communication and as we are human and it is in our nature that we don’t get satisfied with anything so we can expect more development in the technology and hence the future for VOIP is very bright. The need for the growth of the technology could also be due to the increase in the number of users subscribing. As the eMarketer’s estimate shows, the number of residential VoIP subscribers is expected to grow rapidly from 37.8 million paid subscribers in 2006 to 152.6 million in 2011. This also buids pressure on the providers for providing quality service to the user so services are finding different ways not only to attract new users but also to satisfy existing users.

 Aim of the project:

This Voice Over Internet Protocol Final Year Project is to investigate security involvement in VOIP. The procedures are for a secure, safe and reliable. VoIP is to propose the security methods. Based on the safety measure requirements 13 securities have been shortlisted and the thesis has furthered alongside to account any key data that required development. Routinely showing up measure is the security parameter, quality of service values, like latency, voice echoes and packet loss. To arrive at the accurate choice measures over the above parameters the thesis has been elaborated in aspects of Project Design and simulation. Researcher has put into use proprietary software which includes Visual Route, Minitab and VoIP Calculator.

Research Objectives:

As noted in the disadvantages, it is important to focus more on security and quality issues with reference to the VOIP technology to streamline to data pertinence for using a deployment project. The project aims at fulfilling the objective on a step by step approach of each objective:

          a) Over viewing/examining of VoIP technology.

          b) Recognizing common security threats, previously failed procedures.

          c) Review based on existing VoIP encryption methods and their efficiency.

          d) Recognizing problems with VoIP protocols.

          e) Designing a method.

          f) Lastly to simulating the design into a project.

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