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Security Issues in voice over internet protocol (voip):

VOIP being at a beginning stage, security issues appear to be build in response to its growth. As per the information based on an interview of Frost and Sullivan by analyst Jon Arnold, Denial of service attacks against VoIP in reality is possible. To rectify the threat with Denial of Service, analyst Jon Arnold suggests that a system requires a terminal adaptor node. SPAM affects the SIP code, meaning it makes the language vulnerable to remote coding execution (Jeffrey Albers, Bradley Hahn, Shawn McGann, Rundond Zhu, Seungwoo Park, 2004).

Two primary methods of mitigating attacks that are used by network operators are destination based BGP black hole routing and access control lists (Borderware, 2006). When media pressure security threats are avoided only 1.5% of the organizations trust in the reporting procedures of violation to law enforcement. To allow carriers to detect and mitigate attacks companies come up with relevant packages like Peak flow SP, anti-DDoS software suites etc. (Borderware, 2006).

Interconnections between nodes are supported by an SS7 architecture that boosts the network security. This is the signal controlling system used in the United States and a few other countries in the world (Martinez). As it was mentioned earlier in the report VeriSign is the SS7 (Signaling system 7) authority for Skype. The SS7 architecture consists of something called as the packet switch network; this is a high speed network. This network is connected by 3 types of signaling links which are:

  • Service switching points
  • Signal Transfer Points (STP)
  • Service Control Points (SCP)

There has been a growth in demand for SS7 systems due to the use of data networks to transfer real time voice calls. The best part of the standard SS7 architecture is the free VoIP to VoIP calls (Werbach, K).  Hence SS7 architecture is a mandatory module to be included for signally protection.

First goal to be considered is the high quality calls expected by users in case of wireless security and a voice over wireless LAN deployment (Jacobs, 2006). The two most important functions of relevant VoWLAN security mechanisms are the radio frequency management and load balancing. Aruba networks specialize in these solutions and have a full range over this domain. In the wireless industry, Spectral link, Quote, Chart, Avaya, voice-badge maker Vocera and software designer TeleSym are few big partners to Aruba. Objective of providing security to the VoWLAN lies in the correct MAC addresses authentication and WEP analysis. Due to the codecs and the compression schemes used by Aruba’s partners, Aruba 5000 switch is capable of handling 5000 calls simultaneously. The problems with VoWLAN exist in its basic functionality. VoWLAN needs are much more complex when compared to the data over wireless networks. Providing an interoperability testing for the new IEEE 802.11 is the basic task of Wi-Fi. The new IEEE 802.11 equipment has already boomed on grounds of demand in the market. In order to allow expansion in its present market and the future, it is up to the technical task group in a Wi-Fi project.

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