Security Considerations for Voice Over IP Systems

Security Considerations for Voice Over IP Systems: In this world of technology, Voice over Internet Protocol gives rise to different types of risks. First, because of their intricacy and immatureness, Voice Over IP brings a lot of new threats to the active IP networks. Secondly, being a same platform for both voice and data applications, latest risks make the whole network open to new ways. However there are so many measures for the network manager to keep the threats at a minimum level which includes setting-up of different  devices at main interfaces, executing of planned safety requirements on weak Voice Over IP devices, and the initial formulation and enforcement of benchmark actions to bound disclosure of the IP network to attacks. The following are some of the policies and procedures to be applied to maintain security over IP networks:

Maintain current PATCHES levels:

This is the basic level where in insufficient software bits make to network to give exposed to needless risks. These network attacks seem so clever in targeting software to achieve definite aim instead of simply making random trouble. So it is very important to make a prudential approach in viewing and installing patch releases to keep the network applications and the total investment away from risks (Computer society, 2008).

Antivirus system (Installation and its up gradation):

From the VoIP point of view, this anti-virus system helps in protecting the components of voice from those that are very weak to attacks. For example, Juniper Networks Net screen firewalls incorporate anti-virus software in Voice Over IP installation and it’s up gradation along with all other aspects/ elements.

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