RF Control System with Robot Car for Spying Operations

         RF Control System with Robot Car for Spying Operations Projects main idea is to develop a application which will provide security for industries, home and offices. In practical scenario there are many situations where human beings cannot deal with touch problems like bomb detections ….etc. In this cases there is need to use Robot application. This project works on a concept where Robot Car is controlled using Radio frequency which will work as a remote application. In this application Camera is connected to Car which will track locations of the surrounding area. Information captured by camera can be seen in TV and robot is captured remotely. This application works as a demo, RF wireless information can work only for smaller distance.

LPC2148 (ARM7) micro controller is used in this project. C language is used as programming language. Keil software is used for loading hex files in to micro controller.

download  Project on RF Control System with Robot Car for Spying Operations  project.

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