Reactive Power Compensation in Railways Using Active Impedance Concept

 Reactive Power Compensation in railways using active Impedance concept projects explains about using impendance topolgy in AC choppers for efficient power compenstion at a range of 25 kV/50Hz railways. By using AC-AC converters in railway networks causes power losses so there are VSI based STATCOM methods are used to solve this losses which make concept more interesting in handling power consumption in high voltage railway networks.

This method is already implemented in Frech railways which is a big success. This paper explains a new method with detailed design with circuit diagram for providing solution for this problem. This method can be implemented with low budget and minimal power losses in the network. 

In present system railway networks works on old models like locomotives in which thyristor rectifiers are used. In this method powe consumption is high so compensators are used as a alternate method.

download  Project on Reactive Power Compensation in railways using active Impedance concept.


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