Python Projects on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

These are the below Python Projects on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Networking, Network Security and Cyber Security domains.

Machine Learning Projects:

1) On the Integration of Machine Learning and Array Databases
2) Learning Deep Gradient Descent Optimization for Image Deconvolution
3) Image-Based Plant Disease Detection: A Comparison of Deep Learning and Classical Machine Learning Algorithms
4) Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Credit Card Fraud Detection: A Comparison
5) Automated Machine Learning: The New Wave of Machine Learning
6) Machine Learning based Rainfall Prediction
7) Person Re-identification by Multi-scale Feature Representation Learning with Random Batch Feature Mask
8) Power Allocation Schemes Based on Deep Learning for Distributed Antenna Systems
9) Ocean Current Prediction Based on Machine Learning for Deciding Handover Priority in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
10) Predicting and Improving Entrepreneurial Competency in University Students using Machine Learning Algorithms
11) Alzheimer Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms
12) Flexible Machine Learning-Based Cyberattack Detection Using Spatiotemporal Patterns for Distribution Systems
13) A Novel Jamming Attacks Detection Approach Based on Machine Learning for Wireless Communication
14) A Comparative Sentiment Analysis Of Sentence Embedding Using Machine Learning Techniques
15) Online Extreme Learning Machine Design for the Application of Federated Learning
16) Offline handwritten character classification of the same scriptural family languages by using transfer learning techniques
17) Malware Family Classification using Active Learning by Learning
18) Robust Heart Disease Prediction: A Novel Approach based on Significant Feature and Ensemble learning Model
19) Evaluating Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Offensive and Hate Speech in South African Tweets
20) Performance Analysis on Student Feedback using Machine Learning Algorithms
21) Stock Market Analysis using Supervised Machine Learning
22) A user-centric machine learning framework for cyber security operations center
23) Comparison of Classification Techniques used in Machine Learning as Applied on Vocational Guidance Data
24) Financial Data Mining Based on Support Vector Machines and Ensemble Learning
25) Network Intrusion Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Technique with Feature Selection
26) Sensitivity based Growing and Pruning method for RBF network in online learning environments
27) Machine Learning for Efficient Assessment and Prediction of Human Performance in Collaborative Learning Environments
28) Hybrid Machine Learning Approach in Data Mining
29) Detection of Fake Twitter Accounts with Machine Learning Algorithms
30) Outlier Detection in Sensor Data Using Machine Learning Techniques for IoT Framework and Wireless Sensor Networks: A Brief Study

Artificial Intelligence Projects:

1) The Adoption of Artificial Intelligence for Financial Investment Service
2) Artificial intelligence-empowered resource management for future wireless communications: A survey
3) Short Research on Voice Control System Based on Artificial Intelligence Assistant
4) Research on Network Attack and Defense Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
5) Artificial Intelligence based Comparative Study of Mortality Prediction
6) RiceTalk: Rice Blast Detection Using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Technologies
7) Innovative Analysis of Precision Farming Techniques with Artificial Intelligence
8) Strategy of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Health Tourism in the Perspective of Global Region Based on Markov Chain Model
9) Smart Triboelectric Socks for Enabling Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Based Smart Home and Healthcare
10) Online Monitoring System for Tool Wear and Fault Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence
11) Neuromorphic Implementation of a Recurrent Neural Network for EMG Classification
12) Predicting COVID-19 in China Using Hybrid AI Model
13) A Short-Term Prediction Approach of Financial Crisis Based on Artificial Intelligence Classification
14) Improvements in Accurate Detection of Cardiac Abnormalities and Prognostic Health Diagnosis Using Artificial Intelligence in Medical Systems
15) Bayesian Inference and Learning for Neural Networks and Deep Learning
16) Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Autonomous Agents in Consumer-centric Electricity Market
17) Artificial Intelligence-Powered Mobile Edge Computing-Based Anomaly Detection in Cellular Networks
18) Addressing Challenges and Demands of Intelligent Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence Approach
19) Face image recognition based on convolutional neural network
20) Coffee Fruit Recognition Using Artificial Vision and neural NETWORKS
21) Predicting academic performance with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new tool for teachers and students
22) Machine Learning and Business Intelligence or from Descriptive Analytics to Predictive Analytics
23) Predicting Green Consumption Behaviors of Students Using Efficient Firefly Grey Wolf-Assisted K-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
24) Artificial Intelligence and COVID-19: Deep Learning Approaches for Diagnosis and Treatment
25) IoT, big data and artificial intelligence in agriculture and food industry
26) Facial Expression Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks
27) Fault Detection Technique Based On Clustering Approach of Artificial Intelligence in Electric Vehicle Converters
28) Comparison of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Project Conceptual Cost Prediction: A Case Study and Comparative Analysis
29) Personality traits analysis using Artificial Neural Networks: A Literature Survey
30) Implementing AI as Cyber IoT Devices: The House Valuation Example

Deep Learning Projects:

1) When Dictionary Learning Meets Deep Learning: Deep Dictionary Learning and Coding Network for Image Recognition With Limited Data
2) Learning Deep Gradient Descent Optimization for Image Deconvolution
3) A Wide & Deep Learning Sharing Input Data for Regression Analysis
4) Deep Learning Approaches to Text Production
5) Cyber Intrusion Prevention for Large-Scale Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Based on Local and Non-Local Regularization
6) A Comparative Analysis of Deep Learning and Machine Learning on Detecting Movement Directions Using PIR Sensors
7) Image-Based Plant Disease Detection: A Comparison of Deep Learning and Classical Machine Learning Algorithms
8) Microorganism Image Recognition based on Deep Learning Application
9) Price Trailing for Financial Trading Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
10) Combining Deep Learning and Super-Resolution Algorithms for Deep Fake Detection
11) Towards a Domain-Specific Deep Learning Models for Medical Image Analysis
12) Forecasting Building Electricity Power Consumption Using Deep Learning Approach
13) Machine Learning and End-to-End Deep Learning for the Detection of Chronic Heart Failure From Heart Sounds
14) A Deep Learning Framework for Assessing Physical Rehabilitation Exercises
15) Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning
16) Performance Evaluation of Shallow learning techniques and Deep Neural Network for Cyber Security
17) Network Traffic Analysis using Big Data and Deep Learning Techniques
18) Rehabilitation Exercise Recognition and Evaluation Based on Smart Sensors With Deep Learning Framework
19) Sleep Apnea Severity Estimation From Tracheal Movements Using a Deep Learning Model
20) A Deep Multi-label Learning Framework for the Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Machines
21) Affects in Tweets with Real Time Emotions using Deep Learning Techniques: A Novel Approach
22) A Brief Survey of Deep Learning Techniques for Person Re-identification
23) Spatial and Sequential Deep Learning Approach for Predicting Temperature Distribution in a Steel-Making Continuous Casting Process
24) iSEC: An Optimized Deep Learning Model for Image Classification on Edge Computing
25) Movie Tags Prediction and Segmentation Using Deep Learning
26) Deep Learning with Multi Modal Ensemble Fusion for Epilepsy Diagnosis
27) Rice Diseases Recognition Using Effective Deep Learning Models
28) Short term forecasting based on hourly wind speed data using deep learning algorithms
29) Comparative Study of CNN and RNN for Motor fault Diagnosis Using Deep Learning
30) Deep Learning for Multiple-Image Super-Resolution
31) Comparative Study of CNN and RNN for Motor fault Diagnosis Using Deep Learning

Big Data Projects

1) A survey of data partitioning and sampling methods to support big data analysis
2) Data Factory: An Efficient Data Analysis Solution in the Era of Big Data
3) The Real-time Big Data Processing Method Based on LSTM for the Intelligent Workshop Production Process
4) Mining conditional functional dependency rules on big data
5) Big Data Pipeline with ML-Based and Crowd Sourced Dynamically Created and Maintained Columnar Data Warehouse for Structured and Unstructured Big Data
6) The Workload Assessment of National Grid Big Data Projects Based on Content Recommendations and Text Classification
7) Effective Garbage Data Filtering Algorithm for SNS Big Data Processing by Machine Learning
8) A Big Data Provenance Model for Data Security Supervision Based on PROV-DM Model
9) The Impact of Big Data In Healthcare Analytics
10) A Scalable Multi-Data Sources Based Recursive Approximation Approach for Fast Error Recovery in Big Sensing Data on Cloud
11) Research on Intelligent Security Protection of Privacy Data in Government Cyberspace
12) Redundancy Avoidance for Big Data in Data Centers: A Conventional Neural Network Approach
13) Online Distributed IoT Security Monitoring With Multidimensional Streaming Big Data
14) MWBS: An Efficient Many-to-Many Wireless Big Data Delivery Scheme
15) Big Data Oriented Mining and Implementation Analysis for Online Education Information
16) A Novel Approach for Big Data Classification and Transportation in Rail Networks
17) Differential Privacy Preserving of Training Model in Wireless Big Data with Edge Computing
18) Network Traffic Analysis using Big Data and Deep Learning Techniques
19) Resolving Data De-Duplication issues on Cloud
20) DCAuth: Data-Centric Authentication for Secure In-Network Big-Data Retrieval
21) Research on Automatic Search of Internet of Things in Big Data Era Based on Merge Sorting Method
22) Ensemble Framework for Big Data Stream Mining
23) Controllable Correlation Big Data Dynamic Prediction Model for Mobile Communication
24) Public Opinion Detection in an Online Lending Forum: Sentiment Analysis and Data Visualization
25) Analyzing of Personalized Recommendation Model of Social Network Users Based on Big Data
26) Distributed Feature Selection for Big Data Using Fuzzy Rough Sets
27) Design of College Students’ Physical Health Monitoring System Based on Big Data Platform
28) Flood Forecasting System Based on Integrated Big and Crowdsource Data by Using Machine Learning Techniques
29) An Unsupervised Embedding Learning Feature Representation Scheme for Network Big Data Analysis
30) Secure Data Sharing and Search for Cloud-Edge-Collaborative Storage

Blockchain Technology Projects:

1) Puncturable Signatures and Applications in Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocols
2) Segment Blockchain: A Size Reduced Storage Mechanism for Blockchain
3) Groupchain: Towards a Scalable Public Blockchain in Fog Computing of IoT Services Computing
4) A Blockchain-Based Trusted Data Management Scheme in Edge Computing
5) Blockchain Meets Edge Computing: A Distributed and Trusted Authentication System
6) A Hybrid BlockChain-Based Identity Authentication Scheme for Multi-WSN
7) Editorial: Blockchain in Industrial IoT Applications: Security and Privacy Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities
8) Blockchain for Cyber Security in Smart Grid: A Comprehensive Survey
9) Implementation and Analysis of Blockchain Based DApp for Secure Sharing of Students’ Credentials
10) Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Trust Management and Secure Usage Control of IoT Big Data
11) Edgence: A blockchain-enabled edge-computing platform for intelligent IoT-based dApps
12) Enhancing Privacy through “Smart Contract” using Blockchain-based Dynamic Access Control
13) Cooperative Computing in Integrated Blockchain-Based Internet of Things
14) Reputation-Based Coalition Formation for Secure Self-Organized and Scalable Sharding in IoT Blockchains with Mobile Edge Computing
15) Secure Data Storage and Recovery in Industrial Blockchain Network Environments
16) ABCrowd An Auction Mechanism on Blockchain for Spatial Crowdsourcing
17) Pay as You Decrypt: Decryption Outsourcing for Functional Encryption Using Blockchain
18) A Group Signature and Authentication Scheme for Blockchain-Based Mobile-Edge Computing
19) Supervisory Control of Blockchain Networks
20) Motivating Web and Blockchain Application Modeling
21) Data Allocation Mechanism for Internet-of-Things Systems With Blockchain
22) Scalability Challenges in Healthcare Blockchain System—A Systematic Review
23) A Secure IoT Data Integrity Auditing Scheme Based on Consortium Blockchain
24) Differential Privacy-Based Blockchain for Industrial Internet-of-Things
25) Blockchain-Based Agri-Food Supply Chain: A Complete Solution
26) Blockchain-based Model for Trustworthy Shared Internet of Things Device Management
27) A Blockchain-Powered Decentralized and Secure Computing Paradigm
28) B4SDC: A Blockchain System for Security Data Collection in MANETs
29) Privacy Enhancement Scheme (PES) in a Blockchain-Edge Computing Environment
30) A Blockchain-Based Reward Mechanism for Mobile Crowdsensing

Cloud Computing Projects:

1) MTFCT: A task offloading approach for fog computing and cloud computing
2) Intrusion Detection and Prevention using Honeypot Network for Cloud Security
3) An approach to analyse and protect data on Untrusted Cloud Network
4) Offloading in Cloud and Fog Hybrid Infrastructure Using iFogSim
5) Fine-Grained Access Control in the Era of Cloud Computing: An Analytical Review
6) Towards Cloud Computing and Blockchain Integrated Applications
7) A Secure Data Dynamics and Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud Storage
8) Blockchain as a Platform for Secure Cloud Computing Services
9) Heterogeneous Task Co-location in Containerized Cloud Computing Environments
10) A Survey on Health Care facilities by Cloud Computing
11) Privacy-Preserving Cloud Establishment and Data Dissemination Scheme for Vehicular Cloud
12) Comments on “Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption”
13) A Survey on Data Integrity Checking and Enhancing Security for Cloud to Fog Computing
14) Energy-Efficient Hybrid Framework for Green Cloud Computing
15) Cost-Efficient Outsourced Decryption of Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes for Both Users and Cloud Server in Green Cloud Computing
16) How to Extract Image Features Based on Co-Occurrence Matrix Securely and Efficiently in Cloud Computing
17) Hybrid Cloud: A Cost Optimised Solution To Cloud Interoperability
18) Big Data Cleaning Based on Mobile Edge Computing in Industrial Sensor-Cloud
19) Secure Data Query Framework for Cloud and Fog Computing
20) Security Issues With Fog Computing
21) Cloud of Things (CoT) based Smart Cities
22) Optimizing the Computational Offloading Decision in Cloud-Fog Environment
23) Edge and Central Cloud Computing: A Perfect Pairing for High Energy Efficiency and Low-Latency
24) Priority Based Delay Time Scheduling for Quality of Service in Cloud Computing Networks
25) Resolving Data De-Duplication issues on Cloud
26) A Scalable Attribute-Based Access Control Scheme with Flexible Delegation cum Sharing of Access Privileges for Cloud Storage
27) A Survey on Integrating Cloud Computing with Blockchain
28) Cloud2HDD: Large-Scale HDD Data Analysis on Cloud for Cloud Datacenters
29) Secure Data Sharing and Search for Cloud-Edge-Collaborative Storage
30) AuthPrivacyChain: A Blockchain-Based Access Control Framework With Privacy Protection in Cloud

Data Mining Projects:

1) Mining conditional functional dependency rules on big data
2) Dynamic Data Mining of Sensor Data
3) DAG: A General Model for Privacy-Preserving Data Mining
4) A survey of data partitioning and sampling methods to support big data analysis
5) Comparative Study of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Explosions in Coal Mines
6) Public Opinion Detection in an Online Lending Forum: Sentiment Analysis and Data Visualization
7) The Data Mining Design and Application System for Urban Insurance Business
8) Big Data Oriented Mining and Implementation Analysis for Online Education Information
9) An Improvement of FP-Growth Mining Algorithm Using Linked list
10) A Survey on Multi-Label Data Stream Classification
11) Ensemble Framework for Big Data Stream Mining
12) The Construction of Teaching Resource System of Fine Arts Based on Big Data
13) Time Series Data Mining: A Case Study With Big Data Analytics Approach
14) Data Mining Algorithm for Cloud Network Information Based on Artificial Intelligence Decision Mechanism
15) Data Mining Application in Segmenting Customers with Clustering
16) Mining optimized Frequent Itemsets Based on Max-miner: A Distributed Approach
17) A Comparative Assessment of Data Mining Algorithms to Predict Fraudulent Firms
18) Application of Data Mining of Clinical Data
19) Using Data Mining Techniques to Predict Student Performance to Support Decision Making in University Admission Systems
20) A Unified Framework for User Identification across Online and Offline Data
21) Research On Mine Data Sharing Scheme Based On Blockchain
22) Toward Practical Privacy-Preserving Frequent Itemset Mining on Encrypted Cloud Data
23) Understanding Crowd Behaviors in a Social Event by Passive WiFi Sensing and Data Mining
24) Mitigating the Impact of Data Sampling on Social Media Analysis and Mining
25) A Survey of Key Technologies for High Utility Patterns Mining
26) Privacy Preservation Data Mining and Security
27) Prediction of mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease using data mining methods
28) Improved Feature Selection Model for Big Data Analytics
29) Enriching Data Imputation under Similarity Rule Constraints
30) Dominant Data Set Selection Algorithms for Electricity Consumption Time-Series Data Analysis Based on Affine Transformation
31) A Machine Learning View for Health Data Mining Emphasizes on the Decision Trees

Android Projects:

1) Detecting blacklisted URLs from unmodified and non-rooted Android devices
2) Artifacts for Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps
3) Android malware detection through permission and package
4) Android Malware Detection Technology Based on Improved Bayesian Classification
5) Malware detection in android application by rigorous analysis of decompiled source code
6) Malware Detection in Android Operating System

Networking Projects:

1) EARS: Intelligence-driven experiential network architecture for automatic routing in software-defined networking
2) IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Port-Based Network Access Control
3) Hybrid Network Mobility Support in Named Data Networking
4) Network Routing Optimization Based on Machine Learning Using Graph Networks Robust against Topology Change
5) Cross-Layer Network Lifetime Maximization in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
6) DeepCog: Optimizing Resource Provisioning in Network Slicing With AI-Based Capacity Forecasting
7) Joint resource allocation and computation offloading in mobile edge computing for SDN based wireless networks
8) Multi-Layer Service Provisioning Over Resilient Software-Defined Partially Disaggregated Networks
9) Multiclass Queueing Network Modeling and Traffic Flow Analysis for SDN-Enabled Mobile Core Networks With Network Slicing
10) Software Defined Network-Based Management for Enhanced 5G Network Services

Network Security Projects:

1) Component Based Security Control for Information Network
2) The Probability of Trojan Attacks on Multi-level Security Strategy Based Network
3) A survey: Typical security issues of software-defined networking
4) Dynamically validate network security based on adaptive control theory
5) Research on Network Security Situation Prediction-Oriented Adaptive Learning Neuron
6) Security Model Based on Network Business Security
7) Collaborative network security in multi-tenant data center for cloud computing
8) A Performance Comparison of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols under Security Attack
9) Distributed Event-Triggered Trust Management for Wireless Sensor Networks
10) The Security Network Coding System With Physical Layer Key Generation in Two-Way Relay Networks

Cyber Security Projects:

1) Enhancing Power System Cyber-Security With Systematic Two-Stage Detection Strategy
2) Developing and Analysis of Cyber Security Models for Security Operation Center in Myanmar
3) Cyber Risk Assessment Model for Critical Information Infrastructure
4) Security Experiences in IoT based applications for Building and Factory Automation
5) CASeS: Concurrent Contingency Analysis-Based Security Metric Deployment for the Smart Grid
6) Learning Behavior of Distribution System Discrete Control Devices for Cyber-Physical Security
7) Security of Smart Grid Management of Smart Meter Protection
8) On the Security of a Key Agreement and Key Protection Scheme
9) Wireless Transceiver Aided Run-Time Secret Key Extraction for IoT Device Security
10) Smart I/O Modules for Mitigating Cyber-Physical Attacks on Industrial Control Systems
11) Cyber Risk in Internet of Things World
12) A Hybrid Cyber Attack Model for Cyber-Physical Power Systems
13) Blockchain for Cyber Security in Smart Grid: A Comprehensive Survey

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