PWM Based Automobile Braking System With Distance Measurement


In order to prevent the accident and protect from dangerous ends on the roads we are implementing an auto braking system for automobile that slows down the speed of the vehicle using pulse width modulation technique for dc and ac motors that are present in latest electric cars. Then we are commentating on the PWM implementation of the motor and its speed regulation control. In order to regulate the speed we are using an infrared sensor which gives the values accordingly to the amount of infrared light that is received on the receiver.

This will give an analog values this analog values are been sent to controller through ADC. The controller will calculate the distance accordingly to the ADC value and then that makes the motor to be in a controlled manner. Here we can increase or decrease the speed of the motor and at the same time when any obstacle is very much closer than expected then automatically the motor will be gives a braking effect to the vehicle in order to regulate the speed. This allows us to travel in a safe and secure manner. For user convince we can even control manual if required.

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