Project on Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization

This Project on Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization project presents an approach and a system to let tutors monitor learners’ strategies during online tests. The approach exploits data visualization to draw the data characterizing the learner’s test strategy, in order to trigger the tutor’s attention and to let him/her discover previously unknown behavioral patterns of the learners and conceptual relationships among test items. In this way, the tutor is provided with a powerful tool that lets him/her review the whole assessment process and evaluate possible improvements.

 Future Enhancement

  1. The Test can be conducted to the whole class at a time.
  2. The other behaviors of the user can also be monitored.
  3. The test can be used for other environment such as aptitude test in interviews, Stress analysis test etc.


1) No need for the examiner to move from one place to another for monitoring the user behavior.

2) Reduce over time of the examiner.

3) The question pattern can be easily altered based on the admin requirement.


Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization is used in academic environments, as well as in combination with other assessment means, providing tutors with powerful tools to submit different types of tests in order to assess learners’ knowledge.

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