Project on Airline Reservation System

Non-Functional Requirements of Airline Reservation System:

Performance Requirements:

The performance requirements are as follows:

  • System login/logout and all transactions shall take  less than 10 seconds.
  • Searches shall return results within 5-10 seconds.
  • All Bookings shall be processed within 5-10 seconds.
  • Application shall support 500 users at a time.

Logical Database Requirements:

There are various functions in the website that require the interface of a database. The three Tables below show the different types of information used by various functions, their frequencies of use, and the data entities and their relationships, respectively.

Expected Frequency of Function Used by Users

The figure below illustrates the anticipated number of users utilizing functions during peak time.                                             

Function Frequency of Use
Registration Function 100 –150 users
Account login Function 200 – 300 users
Search (Schedule & Status) 250 – 300 users
Update account info   50 – 100 users
Book Flight & Reserve   50 – 100 users

 Data Entities and their Relationships:

The data entities and the relationships table describe the attributes of the types of data that shall be sent to the database.


Table Names


Column Lengths

City Information

 – Airport Code

– Airport Name

– City Name

– State

– Zip code

10 characters

20 characters

20 characters

15 characters

10 digits

Flight Bookings

Book Flight ID

– Flyer Number

– Flight Schedule ID

– No of Seats     

10 digits

15 characters

10 digits

10 digits

Hotel BookingHotel name-Hotel ID

-Number of persons

20 characters

2 digits

2 digits


Flight Information

 – Flight Number

– Flight Name

– No of seats

 8 characters

20 characters

4 digits


Flight Schedules

 Flight Number

– Flight Schedule ID

– Flight Departing Time

– Flight Arrival Time

– Origin

– Destination

– Flight Status

– Cost

– Reserve Seats

– Booked seats

– Left Seats

– No  of miles


10 digits

20 characters

Date time

Date time

15 characters

15 characters

15 characters

5 digits

4 digits

4 digits

4 digits

6 digits

User Information

– Username

– Password

– Address

– Zip Code

– E-mail

– Phone Number


15 characters

8 characters

25 characters

10 digits

15 characters

13 digits

Design Constraints

The Airline Reservation System shall conform to the following design constraints:

  • Able to support all operating platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac etc.
  • System logs out user after a ten minute inactivity period. 
  • System supports all web browsers (i.e. both graphical and non-graphical like Mozilla, IE, Google Chrome).


         The system will have redundant hardware. In the event of a website outage, support personnel will respond within 30 minutes. In the event of a less severe problem support personnel will respond within 3 hours.                                                                              


Airline Website application will be available to Customers with access to the Internet.


Customers will be able to access only their own personal information and not that of other Customers. Payments will be handled through a server to ensure the protection of user’s credit card and personal information.


This product shall be maintained by an administrator in case of any defect. In addition, any update or change that is made will be changed on server-side computers without any patches required by the Customer.

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