Prepaid Energy Meter Using Smart Card

AIM:Prepaid Energy Meter Using Smart Card Projects main idea is to develop a micro controller based application which is used to pay bills using a smart card technology.

PURPOSE: This project will focus on overcoming the past procedure of electricity bill payment methods by using smart card technology. This system will provide reliability and increase security.

Description:        In present scenario electricity bill payment can be paid at e-seva or substations. This process is a time taking and risky process. Using new smart card method payment process will be fast and time saving. Electricity bill can be paid using prepaid electricity billing system. This system works on smart card technology.

Smart card is similar to that of SIM card which should be recharged same as that of mobile recharge card. Based on the usage of power we need to recharge the card by placing it in the card reader. Card reader is interfaced with the micro controller using a serial interfacing. While recharging it will ask for how much of power consumption we need to use in KWH. This information is displayed on the LCD screen.

download  Prepaid Energy Meter Using Smart Card Project.

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