Online Shopping System Project Report

Module Description:

The Online Shopping System Project Report has been divided into two modules as:

Purchase module:

They can find cars easily category or by word. after viewing the descriptions selecting their required brands and on confirmation they can add to their shopping cart and buy.

The buyer can choose the mode of payment and can easily pay the bought products. The user can easily go through the site by just having the minimum knowledge of computer is sufficient to use this site.

Online market where various goods are sold and bought the new car user registers, already existing user’s logs in finds the required goods(cars),Booking & purchasing online.

Payment module:

The module takes care of the all the secured payments that should happen for the purchases that happens online, so to implement a security algorithm is one of the major concepts of the payment.

Related Project in PHP:

Online Shopping System Project

 HARDWARE Requirements

Processor:   586 Dx4 300Mhz.

 Hard Disk:        8.3 GB HDD

 RAM:         64MB RAM.

SOFTWARE Requirements      

Web Based   :     HTML,JavaScript.                           

Programming language: JSP,JDK1.2.2,

Database Server: SQL 7.0,

Web Server: ApacheTomcat web server.

OS :  WINDOWS 2000 Professional.

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