Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization

Old System:

In the past, several experiments have been carried out to track learner’s behavior during tests by using the think-out-loud method, learners were informed of the experiment and had to speak during the test to explain what they were thinking, while an operator was storing their words using a tape recorder.

 Disadvantages of the Existing system:

  • Monitoring online test using simple methods.
  • They didn’t plot any graph according their results
  • Complexity of identify their performance
  • lack of identify their behaviors.

Proposed system

In this Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Project, we are going to present a solution enabling the Recording of learner’s habits during online tests without informing them of the underlying experiment and consequently, without asking them to modify their behavior, this potentially yields more realistic results.

Advantages of Proposed system:

  • Monitoring online tests through data visualization
  • Find their performance and behaviors depend on the test and item.
  • easily identify learners’ results and quality.

Hardware Requirements

  • ARCHITECTURE                   : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
  • HARD DISK SPACE                        : 80 GB
  • RAM                           : 512 MB

Software Requirements

  • OS       :- Windows
  • TOOL                         : – VS.NET 2005
  • Programming Language          :- Visual C# .Net
  • Database                        : – SQL Server 2000

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