Mobile Operated Field Motor Control System

Mobile Operated Field Motor Control System Projects AIM:        The main aim of Mobile Operated Field Motor Control System project is to obtain field motor control  by mobile phone. 

DESCRIPTION:          The block diagram mainly consists of micro controller, opto coupler, triac and GSM modem. GSM modem consists of a sim card. When an sms is sent to the GSM modem the modem reads the sms and it is sent to the microcontroller. This project uses OPT coupler for finding out shortest path for optical signal transmission between the elements of the circuit mainly elements used in the project are transmitter and receiver, Before transmitting data electrical signals are converted to light beams transferred, then converted back to an electrical signal, there is no need for electrical connection between the source and destination circuits.

The microcontroller sends signsl to the optocoupler and it sends signal to the triac and the triac is triggered and hence the induction motor is controlled.

download  Mobile Operated Field Motor Control System embedded system Project .

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