Investigation and Analysis of ‘WAN’ Technology of a Multinational Organisation project

                 The Investigation and Analysis of ‘WAN’ Technology of a Multinational Organisation project deals with the WIDE AREA NETWORK technology in Networking. In this application a Multi National Company has been considered. This company has got the Head office at Australia and branch offices at Chicago in United States and at Hyderabad in India. The administration monitors the branch offices from the Head office Australia connected through Internet service Provider ‘ISP’ using routers. The branch offices have a number of systems within the organisation which are interconnected by using hub or switch. The importance of the project is that due to globalisation the world has become small. This leads to the need for new technology to be used to accomplish the requirements of having interaction across the world. One of such things is video conferencing. This helps in easy interaction and doing things across the nations irrespective of their presence at the site. This saves a lot of time and money.


                 The main objective of the Engineering project is to analyze the performance of the WIDE AREA NETWORK by considering different topologies and network models. This project investigates the strength of the network structure and its functionality by changing different attributes and observing the obtained results. This also suggests the enhancements in the network structure and modelling as well as the attributes of the network scenarios so that the traffic flow, packets size everything would be in perfect way to give good results.


                 The objectives of the project can be achieved by planning what to do to model the network scenarios, perform research on the subject by referring to the materials, edit the attributes of the network, performing simulation considering different scenarios, obtaining the results, taking comparison of the results for different cases e.t.c. Thus this is the process of development of the project.


               The software required for this project is OPNET.

               The hardware being a system connected to net connection and having this software to simulate the scenarios to obtain the results.


             A well planned project is a perfect executed project. Hence scheduling the tasks is important for the project to give the results in a desired way.

The schedule of this Final Year project involves planning, research, implementation, evaluation, review and documentation.


                  The schedule of a project can be well represented in the form of GANNT CHART.

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