Interactive Correction and Recommendation for Computer Language Learning and Training

Interactive Correction and Recommendation for Computer Language Learning and Training has the below classification modules:

           1. Authentication module

        2. Theoretical study module

        3. Practical implementation module

        4. Visual study module

       5. Recommendation module

1. Authentication module:-

In this module we need to check the authentication weather the concern person is authorized or not. For that purpose we put user id & password to check the validity. We put the authentication related data on to the database when user want to log in it check with database if matching takes place then only the concern person will use the functionality.

2. Theoretical study module

In this module, user needs to study the text document. For that purpose user must be an authenticated one. We have no of documents based on sqlserver. User need to study required documents for implements the ideas as well as to generate some knowledge regarding the database software.

3. Practical implementation module

In this module use need to implement the ideas generated by reading the theory. For that purpose we need the concern software in general. Here itself we programmatically call the concern software so that user can practice & implement the theory.

4. Visual study module

In this module user can visualize some video as well as user can hear some audio file so that he can get some more knowledge regarding sql server.

5. Recommendation module

Here itself some artificial intelligence will added so at the time of practice if some error occur some recommendation comes into picture ,how to rectify that particular mistake.

Hardware Specification:

Processor                  :  PENTIUM IV

Ram  Size                      : 1 GB

Hard disk drive         : 40GB

Software Specification:

Front End                            :

OS            :  Windows Vista

Server                              : Sql Server 2005

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