Final Year Distributed System Project Idea on Replicated File System

Replicated file Distributed system project idea explains a simple way to increase the likelihood that a critical data file is always accessible is to keep a back-up copy of the file on another disk, usually one that is attached to a different machine. The file system provides transparent replication. In particular, suppose there are n copies of a data file and n server modules. Each server provides access to one copy of the file. A client interacts with any one of the server modules. The servers interact with each other to present clients with the illusion that there is a single copy of the file. Each file exports four operations: open, close, read and write for client. The file servers interact with each other to ensure that copies of the file are kept consistent and that at most one client at a time is permitted to write into the file. Each file servers has a local lock manager process that implements a solution to the readers/writer problem. Some points to bear in mind.

a. Each fileserver exports two sets of operations: those called by its clients and those called by other file servers. Each server module keeps track of current access mode by using a lock manager. For example,the file is not written if it was opened for reading. Multiple readings however are allowed. If a certain operation needs to get permission from all lock managers, please acquire the locks in the same order for all clients. Otherwise, deadlock may occur.

b. Within write procedure, a module first update its local copy then concurrently updates every remote
copy. It is analogous to using a write-through cache update policy. An alternative approach would be to
update the remote copy when the file is closed.

Demo purpose: Store duplicated simple text files in several fileservers for demo purpose. Write operation
just simply appends more text to the file. Client gets connected to any fileserver in a graphical user interface.

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