Fan Speed Control by RC5 TV Remote

Aim:The aim of Fan Speed Control By rc5 tv remote project is to control the fan speed using microcontroller with rc5 tv remote.By controlling the Thyristor firing angle control scheme. 

Principle: This is a phase angle control of a Triac. The 50 Hz or 60 Hz Sine wave of mains can be turned on at any point after the Zero Crossing. There are few methods which can control delivered loads one among them are phase control method is the best method. Technique used in this method works same as that of pulse width modulation and digital signal. This type of methods is mostly used in light dimmers. The light’s brightness will be proportional to the area under the curve. 

Hardware Description:

The block diagram of the fan speed control by controlling the thyristor firing angle method is shown in figure. 

TSOP1738 decoder is used to decode command signals received from TV remote ,this is already programmed microcontroller flash memory, sending to the optoisolator ,during the pulse high duration this can triggering the gate of the triac,so current is flowing in to the load, during pulse low duration ,current is not flowing into the,by this method we can control the power delivered to the fan, hence the speed of the fan can be control.

download  Fan Speed Control By rc5 tv remote embedded system  Project .

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