Energy Efficient Virtual MIMO Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks

Energy Efficient Virtual MIMO Communication For Wireless Sensor Networks project explains about a new technique in a wireless sensors network where energy is most efficiently used. In this paper we will explain virtual MIMO with fixed variable rates. Here we propose efficient routing related to virtual MIMO. Simulator is used to compare output of Virtual MIMO with SISO where MIMO performance is better than SISO.

There are many fields where virtual MIMO is used because of it energy efficiency in network systems. MIMO network consist of many sensors which communicate with each other for transmitting and receiving messages. Energy efficiency is improved because of usage of many sensors and usage of many transmitters and receivers in the circuit increases consumption of power in a circuit.

In order to maintain power management in these circuit optimization techniques need to be implemented. Due to this problem of integrating many antennas, Virtual MIMO concept is implemented for a wireless senor network which will provide energy efficient communication.

download  Project on Energy Efficient Virtual MIMO Communication For Wireless Sensor Networks  project.

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