Employee Attendance Monitoring System Project

Finally, after the code is implemented the result is analyzed. According to this project “Employee Attendance Monitoring System,” the result can be analyzed in a very efficient way.

This is done as for supposing, when an employee logs into the website ‘1000projects’, he then gets a home page that is login page which includes welcome form, admin form, add form, and update form for updating details, delete form and finally the reports.

The welcome form gives the date, task and hours of an employee.Admin form is only for the administrator who can update the employee details. Add form is used for updating or giving the login and password about the employees.

Update form is used for updating the new details. Delete form is used to delete the employee and finally the report is used for giving the report of a particular employee giving the aspects like efficiency, his working hours and has the capacity to finish the work in time.

The output screens give the clear view of the result that has been analyzed.

The above-stated forms played and the update form can be used only by the administrator.

The implementation and results of the Employee Attendance Monitoring System project have been mentioned above in details with the help of screenshots and database tables. Thus on the conclusion, we have proved that the project is implemented and all possible screens have been displayed. 

The web-based time tracking system is a web-based application which is used to give the detailed working hours and helps the management in determining the efficiency of an employee.

Thus on conclusion, the implementation and results phases gives us the details about the preparation of the data sheets of an individual employee working hours. The resultant outputs are also displayed in the above screen shots.

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