Efficiency of social connection-based routing in P2P VoIP networks


           The Fundamentals of Voice over internet protocol there are some elements. They are Router devices, devices, Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), Switch devices, Load balancing devices, Firewall ,Call Server, Gateway, MCU, Ethernet Switch, Routers etc

TYPES OF VOIP: This peer to peer (p2p) communication tool is for the designing purpose. It checks the p2p VoIP communication. There are three types VOIP

 Computer to Computer In this type VOIP have reasonable price and numerous free software. By using this type we can eliminate a long distance charges. We need software to make a call for a computer to computer i.e. speakers, sound card, microphone, internet connection. The person must have the software on other system and that should be compatible.

IP Phones IP phone having same features like a standard phone. In IP phones there are handset, buttons, and a cradle. The main difference is instead of using RJ-11 phone connector it uses RJ-45 Ethernet connector. The IP phone is connected to the router. For a wireless connection, we can use a Wi-Fi version and it can allow to make calls from a wireless “hot spot.”

ATA – Analog Telephone Adaptor is also call as ATA. To make a call the ATA is connected to a phone. The analog signal converted into a digital signal by the ATA and then transmitted.


VOIP telephony is the transportation of the voice traffic of the Internet protocol (IP).The IP uses the interconnection between networks. From the past years the internet is the basic for applications and services. It has been grown in a market with the high potentials especially for services i.e. IP telephony. There are three reasons they are, more and more people know the Internet and use it in their daily life, telephony is a business with high revenues and a lot of customers, the Internet with its flexibility, fast development and openness will generate many new services.

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