Effect of security architecture on cross-layer signaling in network centric systems


Important values are given to the mobile communications using wireless technology with VoIP. Mobile communications suffer from severe performance unlike infrastructure based networks due to their dynamism. Usage of energy can be a limiting factor for sensor nodes, while routes become unstable and shared media is prone to interference (Leyden, J. et al p.1). Cross-layer architecture are widely used today for minimizing such mentioned barriers, impact of such barriers on the performance, increases the measurability and reliance of networks in mobile communications( Leyden, J. et al, p.1). Layered architecture is advantageous in cases of design complexities which were highlighted earlier in the enterprise and carrier layer architecture.

  This increases modularity, better maintenance when compared to monolithic stacks. Explaining further on modularity, permits the combination of various protocols, improves the overall performance of the network stack as the errors are now easily traceable given the flexibility. Hollow errors causing bit errors, collisions, delays, lowered thorough put, are certain problems caused by the simple layered architecture.

Mainly due to the fact that application is shared. To distinguish from simple layer, the cross layering offers the unique comfort in these parameters, algorithms can be contributed by giving inputs by sharing information over different layers. The method of sharing information is synchronized and structured, the enrichment of the layered architecture is sustained, and architecture longevity guaranteed.

Cross-Layered architecture

For an enterprise to maintain a network-wide, global view of a multiple metrics such as load balance, battery status and routing destinations, a cross layered architecture can be used. One must consider both the global and local view to examine the simple designs of the cross layered architecture. To use local optimization such as load balance, refer to local view that contains very specific nodes, while the tendency to propagate data by collecting number of samples of data from specified local nodes refers to the global view. Common data security architecture is frequently used to by many mobile communication companies to ingrain the cross layered objectives.

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