E-Shopping System Java Project

To overcome the difficulties faced by the existing system, the organization has implemented a new system which is called as “E-SHOPPING”. It is developed with the help of web application over internet. It has many benefits over manual system. To set an organization into the global market we require this system. There many advantages with this system mainly time consumption of achievement of tasks is done ,data retrieving,adding,modifying and deleting can be easily processed with this system. Transactions are processed quickly and easily. This system is user friendly as he can access from any part. Information sharing becomes quite easy. The main advantage of the system is large scale of advertisement where the organization need not put huge amount of money in publicity. Therefore we can just say that is a new dream task for the global service.

The most crucial stage in achieving a new successful system and in giving confidence on the new system for the users that it will work efficiently and effectively.

  The more complex the system being implemented, the more involved will be the systems analysis and design effort required just for implementation

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