E Banking System ASP Project

Why Use E Banking System ASP Project?

Convenience and usefulness are the two fundamental reasons of why many people are choosing online banking rather than the traditional banking.

  • The e-banking service provides customers to access their bank accounts using a computer or mobile without necessarily visiting a bank. This will save a great amount of time for customer.
  • Customers can access, manage and perform transactions on their accounts at any time and from any part of the world.
  • They can receive a quick service without waiting in the queues as in traditional banking.
  • Customers have a better choice of service through e-banking.

This also benefits the banks as

  • Use of online banking helps banks to save on the operational costs of maintaining a bank physically. (From Interim report).
  •  The banks can get rid of the paper work involved to perform transactions, which are expensive to maintain.
  • The cost of e-banking transaction is cheaper when compared to branch or phone transactions.

Download E Banking System ASP Final Year Project

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