Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations Project

 Now a day we are using cryptography algorithms  for secure data transmission over public networks like wireless networks & wired networks but the major issue is security of the data. More hacking applications spread over these networks to steal the private data.

For this reason we have implemented dynamic routing with Security Considerations algorithm for secure data transmission from source system to the destination system with out any data loss & with 100% security. We can design & use this algorithm easily, Here we are using two types of protocols for sending the data those are

  • Routing Information Protocol for data transmission in wired networks
  • Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector protocol for data transmission in wireless networks

To run the Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations Project Follow the below steps

1. go to the attached project folder

2. Copy the content in src folder and paste it in Eclipse folder

3. Run the title First

4. Run the Client

5.Run the CentralizedServer

The below attached zip file contains:

  • Abstract
  • Base Paper
  • Documentation
  • Source Code
  • Review Material
  • Video File
  • Read Me Text File
  • Project Paper Presentation
  • Screen Shots Presentation

Download Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations Project

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