Distance Education System A C# Project

The project Distance Education (Learning) System is a web-based application, which deals exclusively with the online training programs for the employees of the company. It basically list-outs the available courses and time in which courses has to be completed.  It even eases the task of the company to review the courses and the training done by the employees. The company can assess the performance of each employee by the online exam conducted for the course.

   Only the employee of the company can access the system. The registered employee is provided with the online study material covering that particular course along with the corresponding question bank. 

In our system, employees are given the flexibility to change the password and can write any type of test (level test, entry test, final test) for 3 times. If the employee is unable to complete the training with in the stipulated time, then they can request the administrator to increase the training time period. The employees can even directly write the entry test for any level. They can view the study material of the completed levels of the registered course.

Current System

The training Department of the company administers training functions and is headed by the Administrator (Training). The training is organized based on a training directive issued by the management. The administrator of the training is based on diverse media of delivery. Whereas the classroom based, instructor – led programs form the principal module of delivery. The company is also interested in promoting and developing self-learning based on distance education concept. The company has, for this purpose acquired a library of  Books which are maintained on server for this purpose.

The whole process is now manually controlled. This requires intervention by the training staff at frequent intervals. It is proposed to automate this function together with the management of training function.

Proposed System

The study material available online can be in the form of documents on a server machine which can be accessed simultaneously by many users. All the permanent employees should be able to access all kinds of study material irrespective of the employee’s designation or field of expertise. No person other than the employee of the company should be able to gain access to the system.

The employee logs in to the system and selects the subject of interest. Depending on the course selected the employee is allotted a fixed amount of time during which he/she is proposed to complete the self – paced training. Once the allotted time has elapsed, the employee is not allowed to access the training program. The employee may request the Training Administrator to extend the time period for the training.

download  Distance Education System A C# Project.

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