Digital Energy Meter with Auto Limiting Of Load System

AIM:            The main aim of Digital Energy Meter With Auto Limiting Of Load System project is to implement the digital ENERGY METER with overload protection capability by continuously measuring the voltage and current values.  The purpose of the project is to provide an automation system for the automatic load limiting of digital energy meter with reference to the current and voltage values.

Initially we will work on the implementation of a regular watt hour reading meter using micro controller. In this discussion we will cover how ADC can be used for measuring both voltage and load current accurately without errors. Micro controller used in this project will measure parameters like rms voltage and current, kWh which will be displayed on LCD.All metered data is securely stored as it is updated in a nonvolatile memory (EEPROM). The design discussed here uses two Current Transformers (CTs) for current sensing.. The second part of this project is to implement auto limiting of load. That means when over load is occurred we have to trip the incoming supply. For that purpose we are going to place a relay circuit and when over current is occurred microcontroller will detect that and controller will activate the buzzer.  

download  Digital Energy Meter With Auto Limiting Of Load System embedded system  Project .

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