Difference Between IPhone 4S and IPhone 4


Finally Apple has launched iPhone 4s with a surprise to many as everyone was expecting iPhone5. This launch has disappointed the masses initially but the iPhone 4s features give you a top-end technology with its design. 


What’s more in iPhone 4s from iPhone 4

               Even the outlook resembles the same, iPhone4s has come with lot of satisfactory changes than iPhone4.  

Camera : –                

                     The iPhone 4s ‘s camera has been upgraded to 8MP with the aperture ratio improvement .The cpu in iPad 2 (dual-core A5 processor) is used in iPhone 4s for seven time increase in the graphical processing power. This is also meant to give you better battery life and an easy operation.The ‘up’ button in volume can now be used as camera shutter button.

  Video : – Now we can enjoy the video recording in iphone 4s with 1080p with full HD option with enough contrast ratio at 800:1. the video format supports MP4,H.264,MOV,and M4V.

                     The new system has the notification note in status bar as similar in android which helps to check the notifications with a drop down menu on the screen and it will also displays all the updates awaiting for your system.               

                       We have seen in the iPhone 4 giving trouble with some antenna issues.This was blown way out in iPhone 4s covering with new antenna system , no problem with the signal aswell no matter how you hold the phone.

                      In iPhone 4 we have noticed few issues where the 3g would jump to edge and take some time to get back to 3g . Apple happily announces there would be no more signal problem with iPhone 4s.Even apple has conducted a survey inLondonwith O2 and found iPhone 4srunning on super-speedy HSDPA 14.4Mbps connection speed(hope we get the speed inIndiaJ) . 

 Internet: –

                    The happy thing with iPhone was the safari internet browser,and still remained .the iPhone 4s the new iOS 5-upgraded browser. 

When tested with the TechRadar page on the internet ,the new iPhone 4s is 3 seconds faster in loading when compared with iPhone 4 over both Wi-Fi and 3G.                      

 SIRI voice recognition :-     

Above the all the we can find the better upgrade to iPhone 4 from iPhone 4s is the new SIRI application which is absolutely top-end tech  .

This application comes in the messaging and email which is embedded in the keyboard. This application helps you to send messages, emails without tapping the keyboard .This works with the voice recognition system .Just say to Siri what you have to send and where you have to send .It recognizes with your voice, types itself, confirms you and delivers the message. Its almost amazing in the accuracy of Siri when compared with other voice recognition systems ,you need not to say even ‘comma’ or ‘full stop’ to add in the punctuation. 

             Apple has revealed that they had sent 100 messages using Siri to find the accuracy, and found 45% accuracy rate, although shorter messages were obviously better.

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