Designing Equipment for Substation Monitoring and Controlling

AIM:        The main aim of Designing Equipment For Substation Monitoring And Controlling project is to design equipment for monitoring and controlling a substation. The purpose of this project is to overcome the draw backs of over voltages, over currents, temperatures.

DESCRIPTION:                      In this project mainly we are using a micro controller, and an ADC. Here ADC is used for monitoring voltage, temperature and current. According to the set values which are fixed in micro controller, the voltage levels, current levels and temperature levels are monitored and these are controlled through microcontroller in such a way that if voltage is increased or decreased then the relay is operated that is  transformer is tripped. In the same way when temperature is increased the blower will on and when temperature is decreased the cooler is on. And all these values will be fed to the pc through serial port network.even this can be controlled manually through PC. Hence the substation is monitored and controlled.

download  Designing Equipment For Substation Monitoring And Controlling embedded system Project .

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