Design and Development of Mobile Phone for Blind/Old People

Design and development of Mobile phone for blind/old people Project Abstract

Now a days as the technology is getting updating day by day which is making the educated people to easily operate the mobile phone. But it becomes somewhat critical for blind/old people to operate the mobile phones for calling to specific person. This project “Design and development of Mobile phone for blind/old people” will provide an easy method for the blind people to call to specific person. In this method we are having small keypad for selecting the switch to call to a specific person. MIC and speakers provides for speaking and listening facility.  The main advantage of this project compared to the normal telephones or mobiles phones as we are interfacing with microcontroller it is possible to monitor and control the devices also.


Design and development of Mobile phone for blind/old people program will be written in the Embedded C language. Using the Keil IDE and loading of the hex file will be done by using the flash magic. 

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