Design and Development of Highly Secured Conference Hall in Confidential Meetings Using Graphical LCD

Design and development of Highly secured conference Hall Project.

As using of mobile phones in the conference halls, meetings are restricted some times. So providing the security in such areas like finding of the mobile phone usage and detecting the fire using of fire alarm will be more useful.  So this project “Design and development of highly secured conference Hall in confidential meetings by using graphical LCD” will give low cost implementation with more security. And this project will also uses the graphical LCD display which is more advantage than the normal 2×16 character LCD. By using this Graphical LCD we can also display the images. This kind of Graphical LCD will be useful in the GPS receivers, mobile phones etc.

SOFTWARE: Embedded ‘C’ language.

TOOLS: Keil, Flash magic

TARGET DEVICE: 8051/ARM7 microcontroller

APPLICATIONS:  Examination halls

ADVANTAGES:  Automatic Detecting of the using of Mobile phone. 

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