Design And Development Of FPRS, Keypad Based ATM Security System

Design And Development of FPRS KEYPAD Based ATM Security System projects main idea is to develop a application using Embedded System which will help banks to provide security at their ATM machines. At present most of the thefts at ATM machines is because of not providing accurate security system for users while entering in to ATM Machine.

This application will provide a solution for this problem by providing a finger print based login procedure through which only single user can enter in to the ATM Machine. This system will provide single keypad based system through which user will give finger print. Finger print information is compared with the users finger prints in the database and if it is matched user will be authenticated. 

This application is developed in C language and programmed in to embed chip. Data can be modified updated and deleted from the chip.

download  Project on Design And Development Of FPRS, Keypad Based ATM Security System  project.

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