Current Monitor and Control for Home Appliances


    The main aim of Current Monitor and Control for Home Appliances project is to design an equipment which protects the home appliances from and over currents.


            The block diagram here mainly consists of a microcontroller, analog to digital converter, voltage sensor and current sensor. The current sensors keep continuously monitors the currents. When over voltages  or over currents are  detected it gives the data to the ADC where the data is converted to digital form and this data is given to the micro controller. So when this or over current occurs the the microcontroller makes the relay to operate and tripping occurs and hence the load is made OFF. The current values are displayed on the LCD and it also displays which load is OFF for the period of time. This can be easily applied for home appliances. Hence over current protection is obtained easily.

download  Current Monitor and Control for Home Appliances embedded system Project .

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