CSE Project Report on Automatic Control Of Railway Signaling

The Automatic Control Of Railway Signaling computer science engineering final year project describes about the modernization in railways. It utilizes the good better model and ICF coaches with good arrangements of springing. It is a good breaking system in mode of safe and provides smooth travel. It uses electric traction and diesel to travel heavier weights at great accuracy. It has provision of couplers. It includes new signaling tools. It operates on computerized train reservation method.

The elements of modernization of track are heavier track structure, modern methods of track maintenance, track renewal and laying, track inspection and track monitoring.

The directed track maintenance includes correct reorganization of flaws in geometry by calculating and recording tools and to identify these flaws in geometry at recognized locations and to rectify the service quality and outcome by supervisor. This concept is very economical since the region track is conducted than complete track length.

Other maintenances are ultrasonic rail flaw detection, development of curves, and drainage of Ballast bed. The track parameters are Hallade Track Recorder, Amsler track recording cars, and Oscillograph cars.

The monorail is the rail which depends on transportation system and single rail. It performs like sole support and guideway. The tube railway is powered railroad electrically by tracks moving by tunnel underground.


The conclusion of this Automatic Control Of Railway Signaling made on the different ways of maintenance of the railway includes alignment and leveling of track, need ballast region, altering hanging of defective sleepers, utilizing L.W.R., and appropriate gauge. The concept is economical, efficient, and effective to permit the requirements of large accuracy and large axle loads.

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