Controlling Power Flow in Three Phase Transmission System

Controlling Power Flow in three phase Transmission System Project explains about developing new device which will controll the power in three phase network. This device is alternative to UPFC which can have features for power controll but DPFC can be implemented in low cost and provide maximum reliability. In this paper we will come across how DPFC can be useful in unbalanced power systems. You can understand how power is balanced in zero and negative sequences from this paper. 

Power is one of the important source for any industy so there should be a perfect equipment for utilizing power effectively. One of the main issues with power systems is waste of power due to unbalnced voltages and currents in network. Among three phase and single phase systems unbalanced power is maximum in single pahse. Because of this issue there will be loss of electric components like motor, generators, converters and transformers.

download  Project on Controlling Power Flow in three phase Transmission System.


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