Controlling Ac Lamp Dimmer Through Mobile EEE Abstract

The main aim of Controlling Ac Lamp Dimmer Through Mobile project is to control the lamp in the remote area by transferring related data corresponding to intensity of the lamp through mobile. The project is divided into two modules. One module arrangement includes a micro controller, DTMF decoder, and mobile handset where as the other module consists of mobile hand set. DTMF stands for dual tone multi frequency, which is going to generate equivalent signal for the keys being pressed at the transmitting block (controlling block).    The system has been used to control the lamp at the remote location by sending signals through mobile handset. Here one mobile is placed at the transmitting side and the  another  mobile at the receiving side. The mobile at the receiving side receives the signals from the transmitting side which upon received signal controls the vehicle direction whose signals have been decoded using DTMF decoder. Total intensity of lamp is being controlled by the signal sent by the mobile at the transmitting side. Intensity is adjusted  by pressing/selecting different keys in mobile at the transmitting side, these signal will be received by the mobile at the receiving side and converted to equal digital data and given to microcontroller  here controller adjusts the PWM . the PWM is fed to the TRIAC where lamp is connected.  Each key will have predefined intensity levels.   

download  Controlling Ac Lamp Dimmer Through Mobile EEE Abstract.

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