Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wireless LANs

In future we can introduce this Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wireless LANs in internet connection mainly in WIFI technology. Already in this project we proved that by using this method we can avoid the network traffic or overload on APs. If we apply this technology on WIFI connection means, we can increase the speed of the internet and get connection continuously without any interrupt. Definitely in future cell breathing method would occupy the major part of the communication field.

                          We are going to develop a novel scheme for optimal load balancing in IEEE 802.11 WLANs. We provided rigorous analysis of the problem and presented two algorithms that find Deterministic optimal solutions. The first algorithm minimizes the load of the congested AP(s) in the network, and the second algorithm produces an optimal min-max (Priority) load balanced solution. These optimal solutions are obtained only with the minimal information which is readily available without any special assistance from the 748 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING, VOL. 8, NO. 6, JUNE 2009.In this Project, we can assume only the control on the transmission power of the AP beacon messages. The simulations show that even a small number of power levels, e.g., between 5 and 10, is enough to achieve near optimal results.

Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wireless LANsApplication:

  • In mobile networks nowadays using cell breathing technology for roaming purpose to avoid overload in home network
  • Cell breathing method which finds deterministic global optimal solutions for providing fairness to get the digital voice clarity.

Hardware Specifications:

PROCESSER                   : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

HARD DISK             : 120 GB

RAM                          :  4 GB

Software Specifications:

OS :- Windows XP Pro

Front End  : – Visual Studio 2010.

Programming Language      :- Visual C# .Net 4.0

Database                   : – Sql Server 2008

Download Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wireless LANs Final Project Documentation

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