Capacitor Bank Type Power Factor Control System

Capacitor Bank Type Power Factor Control System Project AIM:

        The main aim of Capacitor Bank Type Power Factor Control System project is to design an equipment which controls the power factor by using a bank of capacitors. 


                     The block diagram mainly consists of a microcontroller, zero crossing detector, inductive load, capacitive load, zero crossing detector and capacitors. Here we are using bank of capacitors. Since these are bank of capacitors they are operated sequentially. There are two keys, key1 and key 2. When a key1 is pressed signal is sent to the microcontroller and inductive load is operated and relay is operated for resistive load and tripping occurs. In the inductive load the current is lagging because inductor always opposes the sudden change in current. In order to identify the inductive load here we are using choke. Hence when inductive load is operated the micro controller sends and the capacitors C1,C2and C3 are operated sequentially.

Here we are using a bank of capacitors. So depending up on the load the capacitors are made on. Say for eg when a large amount of load is dealt then all the capacitors are made ON. when a medium amount of load is dealt only two capacitors are made on and when small amount of load is dealt  only one capacitor is made ON. When key 2 is pressed resistive load is operated and relay is operated for inductive load and tripping occurs.When the resistive load is operated then the current is leading and hence it sends signal to the micro controller and the microcontroller sends signal further and the relay is operated and tripping occurs. Here in order to identify the resistive load  bulb is used. In alternating current, the zero-crossing is the instantaneous point at which there is no voltage present. 

download  Capacitor Bank Type Power Factor Control System embedded system Project .

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