Banking System VB.Net Project

Banking System final year project is a simple Desktop Application which is developed in VB.Net. The process of Banking System is simple and is usually explained to the customers by their banks when they register in it. The following steps enumerate a typical process of Online Banking System:
1.    First, the user opens a browser and types in the URL of bank’s website. The browser opens the website through an internet connection.       
2.    Opens the login page of e-banking.
3.    In login page, the customer requires to provide his username and password to login. These details are sent to the server over the internet and verified. If they are correct, additional login information is required such as part of memorable information or one-time password must be provided to complete the login process.
4.    The additional login details are again encrypted and sent over the internet to the server for verification. Once the additional information is verified the user is authenticated and provided access to his accounts. Now the user can use different online services the bank provides.
5.    While accessing the accounts, if the user has to perform any transactional operations like transferring the funds to other accounts or setting up the payments he should provide his login information again to authorize any transaction.
6.    When the user is finished accessing his account, he logs out or will be automatically logged out if inactive for some time.

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