Animation Sample Project


            This animation is like the waves expansion, when we thrown a stone in still water. Each circle should be generate at the center of the screen with radius 1 and it should expands gradually till to the bounds of the screen. This process should be parallel and individual to each circle.

 Following  are the screen shots:

Animation test

Bouncing Ball

            A ball is moving in a screen. That ball should bounce when collide with the wall of the screen and it should obey the physics rules while bouncing.

Screen shots are as follows:

Animation Practice Test

Jumble Dumble:          

 The below image has Four straight lines & four balls in the middle of the image. The aim of this project is to four balls starts from the middle of the image and runs towards end of the straight lines. After reaching the end portion those balls will come back to the same middle point.

Following are the screen shots of the animation.

final year project on animation

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