All users now have access to the updated Google Wallet.

Google Wallet will be a separate app for US and Singapore users and a simple Google Pay update for others.

Google Wallet users in the US can download the app in the Google Play Store. Image: Google

After being made available to users in 39 countries on Monday, the new Google Wallet software is now accessible to all users. Some customers have reported difficulty accessing it via Google Play search or downloading the update, but they can try this link or locate it via Google’s tweet.

The formal launch of Google Wallet is the most recent development in the lengthy history of Google’s payment app versions. In order to build Google Pay, the company integrated Google Wallet with Android Pay in 2018.

All users now have access to the updated Google Wallet.

This one app supported tap-to-pay, ticketing, and reward programmes and was compatible with both Android and Google Chrome. Google Pay underwent a significant app update in 2020 to add offers, peer-to-peer payments, and other services.

At its Google I/O conference in May, Google announced the return of Wallet, dividing things up once more to establish a special place for credit cards, airline tickets, government IDs, immunisation records, and even vehicle keys.

Users will be able to use the app to make purchases from merchants who accept Google Pay.

All users now have access to the updated Google Wallet.

You may download Google Wallet from the Google Play Store. Users must have a Google account, an active US phone number, and Android 5.2 or later installed on their device. You should then be able to start adding various cards to your Google Wallet. Your card should be loaded if it’s already linked to the Google Play Store or YouTube.

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