Airways Travel Website Final Year Project

 The objective of this Airways Travel Website project is to create and implement a website for Airways Travel Companies. The website is intended for use by any air travel customer (referred to as “user” in this Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)), wishing to book a flight or hotel, or, both flight and hotel.

Table of Contents

1.         Introduction to the project

1.1         Purpose of the project

1.2         Scope of the project

1.3         Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

1.4         References to the project

1.5         Overview of the project

2.         Overall Description about the Airways system

2.1         Product Perspective

2.1.1     System Interfaces of the project

2.1.2     User Interfaces for the application

2.1.3     Hardware Interfaces & Requirements

2.1.4     Software Interfaces & Requirements

2.1.5     Communications Interfaces

2.1.6     Memory Constraints

2.1.7     Operations Required

2.1.8     Site Adaptation Requirements

2.1.9     Product Functions

2.1.10  User  Registration System

2.1.11  User Login System

2.1.12  Flight Search System

2.1.13  Book Hotel Module

2.1.14  Flight + Hotel Search Module

2.1.15  Make Payment Module

2.1.16  Travel Deals and Offers Search Module

2.1.17  Accumulate Mileage Module

2.1.18  Redeem Mileage Module

2.1.19  Feedback Module

2.1.20  Update User Account Information Module

2.1.21  View Booking Status Module

2.1.22  User Account Logout Module

2.1.23  Help Module

2.2         User Characteristics Module

2.3         Constraints Module

2.4         Assumptions and Dependencies Module

2.5         Apportioning of Requirements Module

  3.       Specific Requirements

3.1       External Interface Requirements

            3.1.1   User Interfaces                

3.2       Functional Requirements

            3.2.1   Stimulus: Click “Login” Button Function

            3.2.2   Stimulus: Click “Register” Button Function

            3.2.3   Stimulus: Click “Search Flights” Button Function

            3.2.4   Stimulus: Click “Book Flight” Button Function

            3.2.5   Stimulus: Click “Book Hotel” Button Function

            3.2.6   Stimulus: Click “Book Flight + Hotel” Button Function

            3.2.7   Stimulus: Click “Make Payment” Button Function

            3.2.8   Stimulus: Click “Cancel Flight” Button Function

            3.2.9   Stimulus: Click “Flight Status” Button Function

            3.2.10 Stimulus: Click “Accumulate Mileage” Button Function

            3.2.11 Stimulus: Click “Redeem Mileage” Button Function

            3.2.12 Stimulus: Click “Finding Deals” Button Function

            3.2.13 Stimulus: Click “Feedback” Button Function

            3.2.14 Stimulus: Click “Logout” Button Function

            3.2.15 Stimulus: Click “Account Update” Button Function

            3.2.16 Stimulus: Click “Contact Us” Button Function

            3.2.17 Stimulus: Click “Help” Button Function

  1. 4.    Non-Functional Requirements

4.1       Performance Requirements

4.2       Logical Database Requirements

                        4.2.1   Anticipated Frequency of Function Used by Users

            4.2.2   Data Entities and their Relationships

4.3       Design Constraints

                        4.3.1   Reliability Constraints

            4.3.2   Availability

                        4.3.3   Security

                        4.3.4   Maintainability

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