Airline Reservation System Java Project

The modes of operations for the user are secured and unsecured.  
All activities except for making online payments and customer account registration will be in unsecured mode. Making payments and user account registration will be in secure mode. Secure mode means the information entered by user will be encrypted before transported about in the website system. For security, in addition to secure mode, if the user is inactive for 10 minutes the session will automatically time out.  

The database will be backed up every night at 1 am central time.  If any primary server fails, the processes will fail over to the secondary server which serves as a back up server.

Airline Reservation System Java Project Site Adaptation Requirements

The site adaptation requirements are as follows:
•    Internet access
•    Computer System
•    Web browser

Product Functions
The following list of function descriptions explains the major features of the Texas Travel Website.

User Registration

The registration function shall allow users to create personal accounts.  To set up an account the users will provide their name, mailing address, email address, credit card information, username, and password.  
This offers security by allowing customers to create a secured account with username and password.   This also offers convenience so the customer only has to enter the information listed above once and then it is stored in the account.  

User  Login

The account login function shall allow customers to enter their username and password.  Once the username and password are verified, customers will be able to access history of bookings made, make new bookings, and update their account information.
This provides security to the users by setting up an account that is password protected.  

Flight Search

Customers will be able to search through available flight schedules and pricing. The flight search function shall offer users the ability to search for flights by supplying desired departure and destination airport information, departure and arrival date information, information on number of adults and children embarking on the journey, and desired price range. Once flights that meet the user’s specifications are located, their schedule and pricing information (departure/arrival date and time, departure/arrival airport, and prices) will be displayed to the user for the user to select the actual departure/arrival flight he/she desires to go with.
This offers easy access to a number of available flights and gives pricing information for each of them.

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